• What’s in the crawlspace?
    A crawlspace is one of the least favorite areas for an inspector to enter; however, it is also one of the most important areas to assess. Here’s what an inspector looks for in a crawlspace.
  • Ocean Waterfront Homes – Unique Considerations
    When conducting an inspection of an ocean waterfront property, a home inspector will need to pay special attention to various issues that are unique to properties located near bodies of … Read more
  • Townhouse Inspection – Common Areas Responsibility
    A home inspector typically focuses on assessing the condition and safety of a property’s structural and mechanical components, both inside and outside. In the case of a townhouse, common areas … Read more
  • Seller’s Pre-Listing Inspection. Why Do It?
    A Pre-listing Inspection gives insight to the homeowner as to where to put money to use for repairs or upgrades. Renovating a home is certainly not essential, but should you … Read more
  • Top 3 Places for Mold in Homes
    Why and Where Mold can thrive in areas with moisture and poor ventilation. Here are the top three locations in a house where mold can cause problems. Bathrooms Bathrooms are … Read more
  • About Polybutylene (Poly-B) Plumbing
    In this post we provide some general information about Polybutylene (Poly-B) plumbing and when it might need replacement. History Poly-B plumbing was a popular piping material used in residential construction … Read more
  • WETT Inspection
    Why do I need it? WETT inspections are particularly important when buying or selling a property with a wood-burning appliance, as they provide assurance that the system is safe and … Read more
  • Septic System Inspection
    A septic system inspection is a comprehensive process that involves several key components to ensure the proper functioning and maintenance of the septic system. Tank One crucial aspect of the … Read more
  • New Home Inspections
    Pre-delivery Inspections Using a home inspector during the pre-delivery inspection (PDI) of a new home with the contractor offers several benefits. The primary purpose of the PDI is to ensure … Read more
  • Home Inspection for Structural Problems
    A compression type crack may be a warning indicator of a major structural failure within the wall.
  • After the Inspection, Buyer Follow-up
    A home inspector plays a crucial role in the home buying process by thoroughly assessing the condition of a property. While the initial inspection provides valuable insights, follow-up questions to … Read more
  • Rodent Infestation
    Prelude to a Big Bang In May 2023 we were inspecting a property on Bowen Island. When we removed the cover plate on the electrical panel, the bottom of the … Read more
  • Log Home Buyer’s Guide
    Madeira Park View Lot In May 2023, we completed an inspection of a craftsman-built log home. The skillful fit and finish of the logs was one of the best examples … Read more
  • Is a Grow Op a Deal Breaker?
    Is a suspected grow op house a fatal flaw to you home search? We discuss the signs and action to take.
  • Inspection Report, So What?
    OK so you’ve spent good money on that home inspector and their inspection report. You know what to expect from the house. You discussed the report’s findings with the seller … Read more
  • Trees Close to House
    Landscaping Issues As property inspectors, we look for items that can affect the house or the safety of the occupants. In particular, the landscaping can present hazards. Two of the … Read more
  • Wet Basements
    Major Red Flag We are always on the lookout for a wet basement floor or wall. This issues aways requires further investigation after the initial inspection.   What’s the Cause? Wet … Read more
  • Stop My Inspection!
    Should the Buyer stop the inspection when a major issue is identified? It all depends on your budget, risk tolerance and future use.
  • How Serious Are Water Leaks?
    West Vancouver Rental Suite in Distress Ceiling Drip Wet Light Wall Drip Floor Stains In January 2022 we received an inquiry from a tenant about water leaks into their suite … Read more
  • Better Use of Home Inspections
    So Much Potential The primary purpose of a home inspection is to inform Buyers of the condition of the property they are purchasing. The secondary use of the inspection report … Read more
  • Choosing a Home Inspector
    Decision Making In 2022 how do I choose a good inspector? A very good question. There are many inspection services and you have a limited amount of time to find … Read more
  • Inspection Approach to Competitive Bids
    Competitive Bids and Home Inspections Eliminate the Home Inspection In December 2021 we had a client inquiry about doing a home inspection on Sunday Boxing Day. Obviously we were not … Read more
  • Newly Constructed Home Inspection
    Occupancy Certificate Issued In the normal course of events leading up to listing a newly constructed house for sale,  the Builder will have completed all the progress permiting requirements by … Read more
  • Home Inspection Mentoring
    For November and December, our inspector will be accompanied by student and or new inspectors. Our clients will benefit from extended hours on weekends and an additional level of scrutiny … Read more
  • West Vancouver Condo Inspection Expertise
    A condominium in West Vancouver can easily cost as much as a single family home. Avoid entering into a condo real estate purchase without evaluating the entire financial risk of … Read more
  • Cliff Face | Gibsons
    Abstract: Gibsons Home Inspector note on foundations built on a bluff.  Rampart Foundations A rampart means a barrier and in this case the foundation wall certainly fit that description.  When … Read more
  • Mountain Goat | Keats Island
    Abstract – Keats Island Home Inspector note on the need to perform a safety check prior to starting an inspection.  Never Ignore Body Signals – Toes Tingle In order to … Read more
  • Not Cool | West Vancouver
    Abstract: West Vancouver Home Inspector note on wine storage cabinets. New Home Perfection… Almost A must have feature in many West Vancouver new homes is a wine storage closet or … Read more
  • Building Envelope Distress | West Vancouver
    Photo: Stucco blister that when pressed, squeazed out water. Never a good sign to have water behind an exterior surface. Abstract: West Vancouver Home Inspector notes on a building envelope … Read more
  • Polybutylene Plumbing Cautions | Halfmoon Bay
    Abstract: Halfmoon Bay home inspector note on polybutylene piping, a product that has been discontinued from use. If you have it, your insurance company needs to know about it and … Read more
  • Particle Board as Litmus Paper | Halfmoon Bay
    Abstract: Halfmoon Bay Home Inspector note on water water stains. Are they serious or not?  Photo: Note the water stain on the particle board to the left side of the … Read more
  • Not Enviro Friendly Green Roof | Bowen Island
    Abstract: Bowen Island Home Inspector notes on an unintentional green roof, that is, the moss growth was never designed for or anticipated. It’s certainly interesting but is it safe? Photo: … Read more
  • Red Flag with Kitec Plumbing | West Vancouver
    Abstract: West Vancouver home inspector notes on Kitec plumbing, its troubled history, how to identify it and what to do about it if you have it in your house. Photo: … Read more
  • Damaged Structural Wall | Sechelt
    Abstract: Sechelt Home Inspector notes on how to identify when a structural wall has been damaged without adequate support. Serious deflection consequences may result. Photo: The 2×6 exterior wall studs … Read more
  • Freeze Protected Pipes | Sechelt
    Abstract: Sechelt Home Inspector notes on winterizing exposed exterior water lines on a house using a product commonly referred to as heat tape. Tips on how it works and how … Read more
  • Inaccessible Main Water Shut-off Valve | Gibsons
    Abstract: Gibsons Home Inspector notes on how the BC Plumbing Code is poorly worded and applied to the main water shut-off valve, and its accessibility in case of emergency. Photo: … Read more
  • Defeat ‘Subject to Inspection’ Clause | West Vancouver
    Abstract: West Vancouver Home Inspector notes on how home buyers should make best use of the home inspection report prior to subjects removal date. The report has actionable items that … Read more
  • Action Unsafe Condition | Madeira Park
    Abstract: Madeira Park Home Inspector notes on a deck that, in the inspector’s opinion, could collapse at any time. Here’s what the we did about it and the real estate … Read more
  • Find Roofing Contractor | Gambier Island
    Abstract: Gambier Island Home Inspector notes on how to find a qualified roofing contractor during a busy season and get their commitment to do the job. Photo: Failed (leaking inside) … Read more
  • Roof Transforms into Wall | Garden Bay
    Abstract: Garden Bay Home Inspector notes on a unique roof design. Photo: A unique design that encompasses both roof and walls in one continuous curve. Unique Roof Design A Gothic … Read more
  • 1925 Local History | Gibsons
    Abstract: Gibsons Home Inspector notes on a vintage house and what it tells us about the history of the area and development of lower Gibsons, which was originally called Gibsons … Read more
  • Decks Do Not Age Well | Davis Bay
    Abstract: Davis Bay Home Inspector note on service life of wood decks. Photo: 41 year old deck… its time has come and now it needs to be gone. Signs Your … Read more
  • Drywall Crack Warranty Claim | Gibsons
    Abstract: Gibsons Home Inspector note on making a claim under the Home Warranty program. Photo: Drywall crack may be indicative of structural movement. Parkland is one of the newer subdivisions … Read more
  • End of Service Life | Davis Bay
    Abstract: Davis Bay Home Inspector notes on end of service life for heating and plumbing systems. Photo: Detail of a remarkable 25 year old furnace burners and heat exchanger. The … Read more
  • Halfmoon Bay | 5 Costly Exterior Problems
    Abstract: Halfmoon Bay Home Inspector notes on lot influences on property purchase decision. Photo: Wood siding destroyed by pests. Our inspection property was located just off Redrooffs Road, on the … Read more
  • 4 Roofing Red Flags | Gambier Island
    Abstract: Gambier Island Home Inspector note on indicators that a roof is in distress and approaching the end of service life. Photo: Loss of granular surface exposes the base material … Read more
  • Madeira Park | Lifetime Warranty on HWT
    Photo: Hot Water Tank (HWT) with lifetime tank warranty. Abstract: Madeira Park Home Inspector note on a brand of hot water tank with a much superior warranty, compared to conventional … Read more
  • 8 Green Build Features We Love | Roberts Creek
    Abstract: Roberts Creek Home Inspector notes on what features distinguish environmentally friendly homes from conventionally built houses. Be prepared to pay a premium for green technology, but it’s worth it. … Read more
  • 1960’s House Reno or Tear-down | Roberts Creek
    Abstract: Roberts Creek Home Inspector notes on a 1960’s house and whether it’s worth spending the extra effort to renovate it to modern standards. Photo: Roberts Creek has many dated … Read more
  • 7 Fixes for Trip Hazard | Sechelt
    Abstract: Sechelt Home Inspector notes on how to reduce a fall or trip hazard in a house. Photo Above: Note that the step down is just beyond the door swing. … Read more
  • Wood Cracks OK or Not? | Sechelt
    Abstract: Sechelt Home Inspector note on how to evaluate the condition of a wooden post or column with a split (>2 cm) in its surface. Photo: Note the spiral log … Read more
  • Quality Build Markers for Buyers | Gambier Island
    Abstract: Gambier Island Home Inspection notes on how to identify a quality build. We discuss how savvy buyers can spot a superior development by more than just asking price. We … Read more
  • Condo Buyers Monthly Fees | Gibsons
    Abstract: Gibsons Home Inspector note to first time condo buyers, what to review and how far their liability extends. First Time Buyers Learning Curve We really appreciate having the opportunity … Read more
  • In Praise of Old Condos | West Vancouver
    Abstract: West Vancouver Home Inspector note on an older condo and its location. There are many gems in West Vancouver to be found in older condos. Many have been owned … Read more
  • Home Inspections in the Time of Covid 19
    Abstract: North Shore and Sunshine Coast Home Inspector notes on safety precautions taken in the time of a pandemic. Change is Constant No questions our business practices have changed. Some … Read more
  • Log House Appeal | Halfmoon Bay
    Photo: 50 year old rough cut logs used on exterior wall. Beautiful aged patina complete with log splits, cracked chinking, weather damage. Authentic, warm and cozy. Abstract: Halfmoon Bay Home … Read more
  • Know Your Load Bearing Walls | Gibsons
    A home inspection on a renovated home should identify if any walls have been removed or altered. If, so it is important to determine if they were load bearning structural elements.
  • New Developments Nearing Completion
    New Developments Nearing Completion Best Time to Finish We have several projects on the go right now with late Winter or Spring 2020 completion dates. From my experience, the change … Read more
  • Strata Ownership Shared Costs | Davis Bay
    Abstract: Davis Bay Home Inspection notes on what are the financial implications for strata owners. Financial obligations extend well beyond the walls of the unit. Photo: Common roof for complex. … Read more
  • Steep Slop Lot Worries | Bowen Island
    Abstract: Bowen Island Home Inspector notes on a steep waterfront property. We review important building issues and occupancy concerns that should be considered when the home is situated on a … Read more
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