3rd Annual Sunshine Coast Home Inspectors Golf Classic

Top Sunshine Coast Home Inspectors Compete for Glory

Tom Pape had a phenomenal fade shot on his drives. When asked what was his secret sauce, Tom candidly admitted that he was a lifelong student of Ben Hogan, a legend in golf, known for always being a gentleman on the course and for his steely concentration. Tom won the closest to the center line award.

Rick Souter has been compared to John Daly in style. popularly called, ‘Long John’, who is best known for the driving distance that he gets off the tee. A zinger drive was struck on the 10th hole, almost making it across death valley on the SCGCC course. Rick walked away with the longest drive award.

Eugene Kanciar was clearly the fan favorite as witnessed by the number of autographs signed. His playing style imitated that of Tiger’s with regards to putting, even though the pin was smaller than regulation (according to Eugene). A well deserved most one-puts was his claim to fame.

Thankfully all players completed the course with no major injuries. However, some golf bags were considerably lighter at the end of the tournament as a result of shrinkage. Apparently a short, bearded man in a pointy hat has been seen slipping his sticky fingers into bags and removing golf balls when a player’s attention is diverted. 

A good time was had by all and the participants are already looking forward to next year and the 4th annual Sunshine Coast Home Inspectors Golf Classic. The tournament is open to all home inspectors on the Sunshine Coast and to those who would wish they could be living here.