WETT Inspection

Why do I need it?

WETT inspections are particularly important when buying or selling a property with a wood-burning appliance, as they provide assurance that the system is safe and compliant. Insurance companies may require a WETT inspection before providing coverage for homes with wood-burning stoves.

What is WETT?

A WETT inspection is an assessment carried out by a certified Wood Energy Technical Transfer (WETT) professional to evaluate the safety and compliance of wood-burning appliances, such as stoves and fireplaces. The inspection ensures that the installation and operation of the wood-burning appliance meet the applicable codes and regulations, reducing the risk of fire hazards.

What does it cover?

During a WETT inspection, the inspector will examine various components of the wood-burning system, including the stove or fireplace, chimney, connectors, and surrounding clearances. They will assess the installation, venting, clearances, and overall condition of the appliance to determine if it meets safety standards. If any issues are identified, recommendations may be provided for repairs or improvements.

Who does the inspection?

To arrange a WETT inspection, you can search for certified WETT inspectors in your local area. These professionals have received specialized training and certification in wood-burning systems and will be able to evaluate your stove and provide you with the necessary documentation.


Check with your insurance provider if you are going to need a WETT certificate. Check with the sellers if they have had it done. Sometimes a recent certificate may be acceptable to the insurer.