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Gibsons Home Inspections

Gibsons Home Inspection, Crawl Space Pests

A Gibsons home inspection of the crawl space identified an active rodent infestation. Certainly not our favorite location to check

Gibsons Home Inspection, Two-Faced Roof

A note from our files on a Gibsons Home Inspection dealing with a partially replaced roof. Here’s something that you

Gibsons Home Inspection, Roof Considerations

Here’s a technical note on the sheathing under the roof shingles, based on a Gibsons home inspection. When you open

Gibsons Home Inspection, Rental Properties

We’re often asked if there is a difference in the home inspection done for an investor (rental property) versus an

Gibsons Home Inspection, Older Electrical Panel

This blog is about a Gibsons home inspection of a 50 year old plus property. In buildings of such a

Gibsons Home Inspection, Concrete Roof Tiles

A Gibsons home inspection came across a relatively uncommon feature which was a roof covered with concrete tiles. How to

Gibsons Home Inspection, Shaw Road

A Gibsons condo inspection with a first time home buyer is a special event when they accompany you for the

Gibsons Home Inspection, Gold Standard

During a Gibsons home inspection of a modular home, we came across this noteworthy feature. What was it? It was