Reliable Home Inspections for North Shore and Sunshine Coast

Our home inspection service area includes the communities of West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Horseshoe Bay, Lions Bay, Gibsons, Roberts Creek, Davis Bay, Sechelt, Halfmoon Bay and Pender Harbour. We also perform inspections on all our local islands of Bowen, Gambier, Keats and Passage.

High Value Inspection Reports that Focus on Our Client's Risk Exposure

Our inspectors write reports for clarity. Top priorities are identified on page 1. We reference real estate contractual milestone dates such as ‘prior to subjects removal’ for critial actions. We avoid boilerplate language. The report identifies damaged or compromised items, failed or non-operational components, systems at or approaching the end of their service life, and health and safety concerns. We employ specialized sub-contractors when inspecting for mold, asbestos, hazardous materials, buried oil tanks, septic systems, pools and spas, geo-thermal and solar systems.

8 Years in Business with 3 Licensed Inspectors

EKAN Inspections has 3 licensed inspectors and 2 inspectors-in-training. Our inspectors are constantly improving upon their knowledge base and experience through continuing education and our our internal review procedures. We actively blog on this website with the anticipation that our readers can learn from our short case studies.  We firmly believe and actively promote mentoring of new candidates who choose to enter this profession. 

Eugene Kanciar
Young inspector with attention to details.
Ben Bleackley
Marek Bartlomowicz

Our Inspection Services

Buyer’s Home Inspection

The Buyer’s home inspection reviews site influences, the condition of the building envelope, the structure, heating, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, insulation and interior factors that affect safety, comfort and security. Prior to ‘subjects removal’ date, the Buyer will know about:

  • major deficiencies
  • systems at end of service life
  • major repairs
  • health and safety concerns

Seller’s Home Inspection

This is completed in advance of listing the house for sale. The Seller’s inspection will identify major known, unknown and ignored issues with the property. The Seller can selectively choose what to correct or get estimates, in advance of the buyer’s inspection. The advantages are:

  • honesty, disclose defects 
  • no last minute surprises
  • fix health and safety issues
  • use it in marketing the house

1-2-5-10 Year Warranty Inspection

New homes have a warranty for up to 10 years. Defects are covered as long as specific conditions are met and coverage has not expired.  Our inspection report can be used to complete the on-line claim forms. Home builders provide warranties with the following coverage:

  • 1 year labour and material
  • 2 years mechanical & electrical 
  • 5 years building envelope
  • 10 years structural

Condo Inspection

Our inspection include a full interior inspection with a focus on the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. We look at parking, common spaces and we will have a general look at the exterior to give you an idea of what may be happening around your unit. The report includes:

  • detailed interior review
  • assigned parking condition
  • common areas check
  • balcony and exterior performance

Manufactured or Mobile Home Inspection

Manufactured homes are also called mobile homes. These buildings are built to a different standard (CSA Z240) than a stick-built house. Our manufactured home inspector will have specialized knowledge which will include reviewing critical issues such as:

  • structural integrity
  • impact of renovations 
  • crawlspace condition
  • wood stove compliance

Pre-delivery New Home Inspection

New home acceptance procedure. This inspection is conducted prior to occupancy.  Every deficiency is identified in a ‘punch list’ with completion dates. Holdbacks may apply if completion is after possession date. The inspection verifies that the builder satisfied all contractual conditions:

  • workmanship 
  • material fiishes
  • operation of systems
  • agreed upon extras 

Commercial or Business Inspection

EKAN performs Property Condition Assessments according to ASTM Standard 2018-15. Scope includes document review, tenant questionnaire, site inspection and cost estimate. Ideal for those considering purchasing a commercial business, such as:

  • office or warehouse
  • retail or automotive 
  • restaurant or manufacturing
  • fabrication or light industrial shop

Reno or Demo Home Inspection

Considering purchasing a property that requires extensive renovations? Otherwise, the house is a candidate for demolition. EKAN offers a limited scope inspection to determine if the ‘bones’ are good. We will check the following systems for fatal flaws:

  • roof and attic
  • exterior 
  • structural 
  • crawlspace or basement

Roof Inspection for Home Insurance

For older homes, a roof inspection is usually required by the insurance company when a policy is up for renewal. They need to know the condition of the roof in order to calculate how much of a risk your roof is to insure. Our comprehensive roof inspection includes:

  • exterior inspection of the roof
  • interior inspection of the attic
  • description of construction and material
  • recommendations, including defect, action and timeframe

Pre-Blast Survey Supplement 

The blasting contractor is responsible for the pre-blast survey. Request our supplemental inspection which focuses on the house alone. The report contains high res photos, text and measurements of pre-existing conditions for:

  • attached walkways
  • exterior
  • structural 
  • interior  

Our Client Feedback

LJ of Roberts Creek, August 2023 

I’ve worked with a number of inspectors over the years on the Coast and this is the first time I’ve worked with Eugene. He was responsive, prompt and, moreover, I received a nicely written up report… He will be my “go to” moving forwards.

AL of Gibsons, September 2023

Buying a house is a daunting process. Ben & Eugene were so professional, knowledgeable and reliable… My inspection report is something I can refer to for years and is user friendly. Seriously amazing humans to work with.

JS of West Vancouver, October 2023

I can’t speak highly enough of the inspection Eugene did of our house… I will definitely recommend Eugene and his company to friends and family.

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couple signing property purchase agreement
Seller's or Pre-listing Inspection
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Value to Agents of Pre-Listing Home Inspection

Photo: Pre-listing inspection can contribute to a more efficient and transparent selling process. Abstract: North Shore and Sunshine Coast home inspector discusses value of pre-listing inspections for real estate agents. How EKAN Performs a Pre-listing Home Inspection A licensed EKAN home inspector performs a detailed inspection of the house. If it is owner or tenant occupied, we ask that the resident be present during the inspection, as we can ask probing questions about the performance of various house systems. We appreciate resident input as it can point to other issues that would otherwise not be readily identified during our visual inspection. The inspection report is written in

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Our Guarantee


For equal level of service, if a competitor offers a lower price than ours, we will gladly match it.


If you decide against the home inspected, we will inspect your next home and take $200 off.


Every EKAN inspection qualifies for our no charge support, for as long as you own the property.

About Us

Eugene Kanciar is the principal of EKAN Project Inspection & Consulting Ltd.  He is a retired professional engineer in British Columbia. Eugene’s  background includes design, construction and commissioning of major industrial projects. He is a member  of Engineers & Geoscientists BC, Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers and Home Inspectors Association BC. Consumer Protection BC license #69177. 

Ben Bleackley performs home inspections and new construction pre-delivery inspections. He is a graduate of British Columbia Institute of Technology in the House Inspection Program. Ben’s background incudes study at SFU and working for a major landscaping company. He serves on the board of his local strata development. Consumer Protection BC license #84305.

Marek Bartlomowicz is a retired professional engineer residing in West Vancouver. His career has been been in the oil and gas industry in drilling and well completions. Marek has worked worldwide with Schlumberger and Husky Energy.  He  is a former member of the Association of Professional Engineers of Alberta and is a current member of  Home Inspectors Association of BC. Consumers Protection BC license is #86309. 

Daniel Anico Taveras is an inspector-in-training. He has completed all the mandatory home inspection courses and is currently doing his final examinations and field training practicum. Daniel’s background includes an engineering degree and project management in the hospitality industry.   

Shawn Flynn is an inspector-in-training and is in the process of completing all of his mandatory home inspection courses. He is a graduate of Carleton University and Humber College and has spent the past 23 years working in the BC Film and Television industry in location management, where he scouted, permitted and supervised all site activities. Shawn is a candidate member with the Home Inspectors Association of BC.


The average cost of a home inspection on the North Shore or Sunshine Coast  starts at $695 for a 1800 sq ft Single Family Home and $495 for a 800 sq ft Condominium. 

The final cost of a home inspection varies and depends on the total square footage, travel time, auxiliary suites and any other services added on. 

The home inspection is a non-invasive visual inspection of the home’s exterior, roof, structural, HVAC system, plumbing, electrical, insulation, ventilation, attic, basement or crawlspace and interior components. 

The scope of a home inspection can be customized to only inspect your immediate concerns i.e. roofing, foundations or water ingress.

No, we do not give cost estimates for repairs on deficiencies that we identify. It is best to take the report to a contractor and get an estimate, as prices vary greatly throughout the areas.

We recommend working with your realtor who will have local knowledge to find the right contractor.


We can schedule your inspection typically within 1 to 3 days from the time you call us. We have a team of inspectors so scheduling a last-minute inspection is possible. 

Home inspections normally take about 1.0 to 1.5 hour per 1000 square feet. Our average time frames are: 3 hours for a 1800 sq ft Single Family Home Inspection; 2 Hour for a 800 sq ft Condominium Inspection.

 Yes. In fact, we recommend you come at the end of the site inspection. The inspector will be ready to do a walk-through review with you and the report will be so much more meaningful to you.

Our inspection reports are emailed within 24 hours of the inspection. However, we target for same day delivery.  

After the report is issued, we will invoice you. Payment by e-transfer is requested.

Complementary DIY Home Inspection Checklists

Our Inspectors-in-Training
European trained engineer with project management and marketing skills.
Daniel Anico Taveras
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