Our Focus

Locally based residential and commercial property inspector on the North Shore and Sunshine Coast. Our coverage includes West Vancouver, Gibsons, Sechelt and nearby islands of Bowen, Passage, Gambier and Keats.  

Buyer’s Inspection

Know before you buy. The Buyer’s home inspection reviews site influences, the condition of the building envelope, the structure, heating, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, insulation and interior factors that affect comfort and security. The cloud-based inspection report is published same the same day. Prior to ‘subjects removal’ date, the Buyer will know about:

  • major deficiencies
  • systems at end of service life
  • major repairs
  • health and safety concerns

Warranty Inspection

Does it meet specifications? New home owners have a warranty for up to 10 years. Defects are claimed against the program as long as conditions are met and the coverage has not expired.  Our inspection report can be used to complete the on-line claim forms. BC home builders must provide warranties with the following coverage:

  • 1 year labour and material
  • 2 years mechanical & electrical 
  • 5 years building envelope
  • 10 years structural

Seller’s Inspection

Be prepared. This is completed in advance of listing the house for sale. The Seller’s inspection will identify major known, unknown and ignored issues with the property. The Seller can selectively choose what to correct or get estimates, in advance of the buyer’s inspection. The advantages to sellers are:

  • honesty, disclose defects 
  • no last minute surprises
  • fix health and safety issues
  • use it in marketing the house

Pre-delivery Inspection

New home acceptance procedure. This inspection is conducted prior to occupancy.  Every deficiency is identified in a ‘punch list’ with completion dates. Holdbacks may apply if completion is after possession date. The inspection verifies that the builder satisfied all contractual conditions:

  • workmanship 
  • material fiishes
  • operation of systems
  • agreed upon extras 

Sunshine Coast and North Shore Offices


Eugene Kanciar is the principal of EKAN Project Inspection & Consulting Ltd which performs home inspections as well as commercial inspections. He is a retired professional engineer in British Columbia. 

Eugene’s  background includes design, construction and commissioning of major industrial and infrastructure projects, with some of the largest consultancies in Vancouver.

He belongs to the Engineers & Geoscientists BC, Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers, Home Inspectors Association BC and WETT. He serves on a local strata council, consults on industrial projects and has been the owner’s representative on numerous residential and commercial developments. 

Consumer Protection BC licence #69177.