Property Condition Assessements

Scope of Work as per ASTM Standard 2018-15

Commercial inspections are done to an international standard, ASTM Standard 2018-15, Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments.  The purpose of the guide is to define good practice for conducting a baseline Property Condition Assessment or PCA. Our clients are typically investors, business owners, property managers, realtors, lawyers, banks and other lenders.

Property Condition Assessment (PCA)

The PCA assessment is performed by conducting off-site research along with  doing an on-site walk-through survey, as outlined in the guide.  The assessment includes the improvements situated on the parcel of commercial real estate.  The Property Condition Assessment (PCA) process includes these steps:

  • Interviews and document review
  • On-site inspection of property
  • Tabulation of cost estimates for repairs or replacements
  • Preparation of PCA report

Team Approach

Depending on the specific requirements of the inspection, we partner with professionals, specialists and technicians. Our clients may require some or all of the following services:

  • Structural engineer
  • Phase 1 environmental site assessment
  • HVAC specialist
  • Elevator specialist
  • Fire protection specialist
  • Asphalt paving specialist

Types of Buildings

Building styles and construction techniques vary with the occupancy requirements. Typical investment properties that will require a PCA include:

  • Strata building
  • Office building
  • Retail store
  • Warehouse
  • Light industrial
  • Shop
  • Restaurant
  • Strip mall
  • Mixed use complex

Customized Proposal

Each commercial inspection inquiry is carefully reviewed. We issue a detailed proposal that explains what we will do, how we will do it, identify limitations and list the contents of the report. Typically the PCA is issued 1 to 5 business days after the site inspection.

Eugene Kanciar P.Eng. (Retired)

Be assured that our years of practice as a professional engineer is an ideal background to manage a team of subcontractors and consultants in delivering your PCA.