Gibsons Home Inspection

Crawl Space | Gibsons

A Gibsons home inspection of the crawl space identified an active rodent infestation. Certainly not our favorite location to check but essential for what it identifies. The rodents have been busy. What was once pink fiberglass insulation placed between the floor joists, was now just pink mush lying on the crawlspace floor. For good measure …

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Steep Lot | Gibsons

Spectacular View A Gibsons home inspection on a steep lot brought out the need to call a geotechnical engineer for an expert’s opinion. It is always best to call in additional resources when a risk is identified but cannot be quantified. EKAN recently completed a home inspection in lower Gibsons for a client who is …

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Modular Home | Gibsons

During a Gibsons home inspection of a modular home, we came across this noteworthy feature. What was it? It was the seller’s house binder, filled with instructions, operating manuals, receipts and warranty documents for the home. From appliances to heating systems to smoke alarms, they were all there. This is so rare and special that I …

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