Condo Tips for First Time Buyers | Gibsons

A Gibsons condo inspection with a first time home buyer is a special event when they accompany you for the duration. Lots of OJT for the buyer, not the least of which is the recommendation to read carefully all the strata documentation.

Some inspections just go smoother than others. The client was a first time home buyer and came along for his condo inspection.  During the inspection he was actively involved in an ongoing dialogue about the various deficiencies, their effects on the structure and the time-frame within which corrective action would be required. The condo itself was in very good condition. The builder had built to an above average standard, with care exhibited in the small details such as dams on drip edges over the windows or the painted cut ends on trim pieces.

The client had not yet read all the strata documents and we urged him to review all the documentation in detail. As a strata council member myself, I know from experience that there is a wealth of information contained in condo board meeting minutes, the AGM (annual general meeting) minutes and associated documents such as a depreciation report or engineer’s report.

Remember that as a first time buyer condo buyer,  your due dilligence is not complete with just the home inspection report. You must also review and understand the entire documentation package for the strata that your agent provides.