Home Inspections in the Time of Covid 19

Abstract: North Shore and Sunshine Coast Home Inspector notes on safety precautions taken in the time of a pandemic.

Change is Constant

No questions our business practices have changed. Some practices may ultimately prove to be the new normal, after the pandemic has been overcome. We have created this post to identify how our firm is dealing with the pandemic. Obviously there are substantial limitations to our process when compared to pre-pandemic practices. When considered safe to do so, our methodology will be modified, in particular, re-establishing the in-person site review of the findings. We consider this the most important limitation to the standard inspection procedure. Here is summary of changes that are now incorporated into the home inspection during Covid 19.

New Precautions

Manditory use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) – mask, gloves, shoe covers

Disinfection of equipment – camera, tools and test meters

Clean hygienic clothing – may include use of disposable coveralls

Alcohol wipes – to clean any touched surfaces

Hand sanitizer – use when gloves have to be removed

Changes to Inspection Process

Minimize touching of surfaces.

If possible, ask sellers or agent to turn all light switches ON. They will also have to turn all switches OFF after the inspection.

If possible, ask sellers or agent to leave all interior doors open, not latched, so that doors can swing open without touching the door knob.

No inspection of kitchen appliances.

Extra vigilance in high use areas (bathrooms) or fixtures (thermostats).

Changes to Personal Contact

Verify with all parties that there is no one associated with the property or transaction that has recently been out of the country, is currently in the 14 day quarantine period or is sick with the symptoms of Covid 19. If so, we will postpone that home inspection until further notice.

No agents present during the inspection.

No buyers or sellers present during the inspection.

No face-to-face review of findings, at end of site inspection. Rather, follow-up by conference call for summary.

Inspection report payment by bank e-transfer.

Stay Safe!

We continue to follow best practices as established by medical professionals. The normalization of the home inspection services has no current timeframe. Be assured that we will reduce our imposed restrictions as soon as it is safe to do so for all parties.