Log Home Exterior Wall

Log House Appeal | Halfmoon Bay

Photo: 50 year old rough cut logs used on exterior wall. Beautiful aged patina complete with log splits, cracked chinking, weather damage. Authentic, warm and cozy.

Abstract: Halfmoon Bay Home Inspector note on insulating a log house.

After an inspection of a log home, the prospective buyer will call us to discuss the report and invariably the question of adding insulation will come up. Logs have a relatively low insulation value. Compared to modern standards, they will have a quarter or even less insulating value in the walls and roof of what is specified by modern building codes.

However if you choose to insulate the walls or ceilings, then the logs get covered up and instead you get a conventional looking house inside.

The whole purpose of log structures is to be surrounded by a natural look, environmentally friendly, green build. The cozy feel of exposed wood beams and columns are hard to beat. Our recommendation is always to keep the look and forget about adding any insulation which will detract from the visual impact. Rather, we would recommend installong a high efficiency wood stove. Wood heating is the perfect complement to a log house.