Seller’s or Pre-listing Home Inspection | No Surprises Are Best

No surprises are best when it comes to a home inspection.

A pre-listing home inspection is also referred to as a seller’s inspection.

This is where the home inspection and report is delivered to the seller prior to having a home posted on MLS. Although less common than an inspection done for a buyer, it is nonetheless likely to be of more insight than the later. The reason this inspection can be more valuable is that the inspection is done in cooperation with the seller, who can explain reasons for certain features, locate difficult to find items such as main shutoffs, identify dates when major renovations were made, provide maintenance and operating manuals and demonstrate how certain systems work.

Our top 4 reasons have the seller well prepared with a pre-listing report,  rather than relying on a buyer’s inspection report are as follows:

  1. Find out in a non-threatening environment what others will see as defects, deficiencies or concerns in a property that you as the seller are too emotionally attached to notice.
  2. A seller’s inspection report removes the surprise factor, later when an issue is brought up by the buyer.
  3. The property owner can obtain competitive pricing and quotes in advance for any repairs and know in advance how much the remedy would cost. This knowledge may be priceless when negotiating with a buyer.
  4. The seller can pick and choose which items to correct. Issues made good in advance of an open house may pay big dividends when it comes to first impressions. This is especially important to do in a buyer’s market.

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