West Van | Reno HazMat Check

Case study post on assisting a client with their home inspection renovation. In this case we discuss sampling for hazardous material, in advance of any demolition. 

Our clients hired EKAN to be the owners representative for the project. In this case EKAN was requested to develop scope, schedule, budget, go through the contractor selection process and then manage contractor progress. The project involves a total renovation to a 1968 condo in West Vancouver.

By industry regulations, a hazardous material (hazmat) sampling program must be performed prior to any demolition work. This is done for worker safety and environmental contaminant management.

Before the outright ban on asbestos in the early 1990’s, it was an ubiquitous addition to many construction products because of its long fibers that could be used as binders in many formulas. In addition, by itself it is not combustible.

A local environmental consultant was hired to sample the following elements:

  • the stippled or ‘popcorn’ ceiling, as the client will be going with a flat finish
  • the kitchen and bathroom floor tiles which are of a resilient ‘linoleum’ type of material, which will be replaced by hard surface tiles
  • the drywall mud compound, as existing drywall may have to open or cut

Ten samples were take. These will be analyzed by a local laboratory within a week and a report will be issued shortly thereafter. The consultant’s report will also include a check of any relevant historical hazmat notices.