Lessons Learned – Benefit from our experience.
Our home inspection blog contains some of our most useful ‘lessons learned’ from our years in the inspection business. Search by specific  locations or choose a topic that ‘s important to you.
Buyer’s Inspection – A “Don’t know.” will cost you.
As a buyer our articles on pre-listing inspections should make you better informed on what can go wrong. Our blog discusses many of the major building components. Check out the categories section.
Seller’s Inspection – It’s worth it to be prepared.
For a seller, take a look at the advantages of having a pre-listing inspection done in advance of marketing the property. Remember that at this stage the inspector is a valuable unbiased consultant whose knowledge can assist you in preparing your property to your advantage.
Home Warranties – Use it or loose it.
The most overlooked inspection for the home owner is the new home warranty inspection. There is a protocol for the 1 year, 2 year, 5 year and 10 year inspections. Find out if your warranty coverage extends to many issues that may cost you thousands of dollars otherwise.
New Home – Yes there is an acceptance procedure.
We also do pre-delivery inspections of new homes and condos.  Also referred to as a PDI, this is the walk-through inspection with the contractor or developer prior to accepting your new home.  We can be your expert on the walk-through so that issues are identified for follow-up.
Owner’s Representative – Managing your general contractor.
We are the owner’s representative on new construction and renovation projects. Owners need to have their interests covered, whether it making technical decisions during the course of construction, reviewing progress billings or holding the contractor to account for schedule, quality or budget. 
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