Trees Close to House

Fortunately no structural damage sustained by the house. This time lucky because it was a slow collapse with the root ball intact. Had the tree truck snapped, it would have been another story.

Landscaping Issues

As property inspectors, we look for items that can affect the house or the safety of the occupants. In particular, the landscaping can present hazards. Two of the major issues are slope stability and trees. Slope stability is a topic for another day. However, trees are the focus of this post.

Wind Storm Warning

The wind storm of November 4th 2022 was a wakeup call for us. Our acreage on the Sunshine Coast was without power for three days and without cable or internet service for four days. This was all due to trees, not just broken branches, falling down on power and communication lines.

Tall Trees Risk

Our inspection reports usually make note of any tall trees too close to the house. We consider any tree that could fall onto the house and do damage to the building’s structure as suspect and the report will recommend that an arborist be called to determine the health and stability of such trees.

We make this observation from a position of an abundance of caution. Our #1 priority is safety of the occupants.