Choosing a Home Inspector

Decision Making

In 2022 how do I choose a good inspector? A very good question. There are many inspection services and you have a limited amount of time to find the right company. Here’s how…

  • Begin with your real estate agent. Every hard working agent will be working with equally hard working home inspectors. Ask the agent for their short list of preferred inspectors. However, if the agent is not from the same region as the property then you need to investigate further, for yourself.
  • Is the website a static site with minimal content? Is it sufficient to decide upon an inspection service? Website presence needs to be current in order to be relevent.
  • Does the home inspector have an active blog? Can you search for articles on topics of interest to you? It takes effort to write useful content and is a good indicator of the inspector’s communication skills.
  • Does the inspection company have on-line reviews? If so, how satisfied have other clients been with the service?
  • Read the ‘About’ page on the home inspection company’s website. Does this page demonstrate sufficient education and experience for your needs?
  • Call the inspection company and speak with an inspector. You can get a reasonable impression in that initial contact. Were they forthcoming and accommodating? Did they provide you with value added cautions that need to be addressed outside of the home inspection?
  • Ask the inspection company how long the inspection will take. For a standard house we allow for 2.5 to 3 hours on-site plus 1 to 2 hours off-site for report writing.
  • Ask the inspection company if you can accompany the inspector. We always recommend  the buyer participate in the on-site inspection.
  • Does the inspection company belong to an accredited organization? Every organization ensures that their membership meets their criteria for continuing education, liability insurance and professional standards. For example, membership with Home Inspectors Association BC can be checked here.
  • Are the inspectors licensed by Consumers Protection BC? If so, each inspector will have a licence number. You can look up each inspector here.
  • Ask friends who have recently used a home inspector about their experience. What was positive? What could have been improved upon?

Inspection Fee

Every inspection company will have a fee structure appropriate to their level effort and service. Remember price is what you pay but quality is what you get. Choose wisely.