Find Roofing Contractor | Gambier Island

Abstract: Gambier Island Home Inspector notes on how to find a qualified roofing contractor during a busy season and get their commitment to do the job.

Photo: Failed (leaking inside) roof which needs to be replaced now.

The original inquiry (Aug 12, 2020)…

We have a cottage on Gambier and are looking for a roofer to install a new metal roof. Presently we have a asphalt roof around 16 years old that has suffered some wind damage at the front edge and may start to leak in the near future. So sorry to bother you with this but we have made quite a few calls to companies with no luck so far.

Our reply (Aug 13, 2020)…

You have hit a real roadblock. I have a neighbour next door that needs a new roof and has received one quote. Obviously looking for a second and third quote… for the last 4 months, and no replies. Roofers are just busy when it’s dry. Here’s what I would do.

  • Do the frontend homework for the roofer. Prepare a dimensional sketch with roof pitches and throughroof penetrations. Better yet check to see if you have the original construction drawings. Or pay someone to do it. Then send that in an email to the contractors.
  • [In addition to Sunshine Coast contractors, check with] Vancouver based roofers. It’s just as close and you will have more to choose from.
  • Metal roofs need a roofing contractor who is certified to do these types of installs and will provide a multi year warranty. Check through Roofing Contractors Association of BC.
  • Finally, wait till it starts to rain. That’s when most roofers pause and come up for air to see what’s next to quote on their list. 

This is not an uncommon inquiry. Some homework by the owners will be much appreciated by the roofing contractor, and will set that homeowner apart (in a good way) from the multiple calls for estimates they receive.