Roof Transforms into Wall | Garden Bay

Abstract: Garden Bay Home Inspector notes on a unique roof design.

Photo: A unique design that encompasses both roof and walls in one continuous curve.

Unique Roof Design

A Gothic arch, sometimes also called a rainbow roof, features walls that are bent or continuously curved over framing ‘ribs’. The walls meet at the top to make a pointed roof.

Advantages of Building Arches

Important benefits of this construction technique are worth noting:

  • Ceiling joists and rafters are eliminated, creating an open space inside commonly referred to as a cathedral ceiling.
  • Less construction material is needed to build such a structure.
  • Superior rain and snow shedding capabilities when compared to conventional roof lines.
  • In warm climatic zones, cooler more comfortable interiors because hot air rises to the peak, away from the occupied spaces.

Performs Well Over Time

We had the opportunity to inspect such a home recently in Garden Bay. It was well built with laminated ribs and cedar planking. These materials withstand the test of time with minimal degradation. This particular structure was nearly a half century old, yet one could easily mistake it as having been built much more recently.

Some styles never grow dated and this example certainly proves it.