Madeira Park Home Inspection | HWT Lifetime Warranty

Photo: Lifetime Electric Water Heater

Yesterday’s inspection of a Madeira Park residence highlighted how an older residence can have the most current technology installed.

Image a hot water tank (HWT) that has a lifetime warranty for as long as you own the house. The Rheem Marathon water heater has a polybutene design which makes the tank impervious to corrosion, and eliminates the need for an anode rod. The rod protects the tank from corrosion by corroding first, before the tank. However once theĀ anodeĀ is gone, the tank begins to corrode.

It’s ideal for rural areas and well applications, where the water chemistry may be less than ideal for metal holding tanks.

This site does not promote any a manufacturer but when a technology or warrranty is a step above, then we certainly consider it important that (future) homebuyers know about it.

Kudos to the homeowner for choosing a better way for an old application!