4 Roofing Red Flags | Gambier Island

Abstract: Gambier Island Home Inspector note on indicators that a roof is in distress and approaching the end of service life.

Photo: Loss of granular surface exposes the base material to the sun’s UV rays, which accelerates the deterioration of the waterproofing membrane.

The inspection focused on the roof. The roof shingles were original and about 20 years old. The question to be answered was…did the house have to be re-roofed?

Fortunately it was a low pitch roof with good ladder access. The roof access was performed by walking on the roof. There were several issues that would not have been visible from the ground, including:

  1. exposed fasteners
  2. branches touching the roof
  3. loss of granular surface revealing the base mat
  4. damaged flashing

It was a textbook case of deficiencies. However selective repairs by a qualified contractor, using approved materials, may be able to extend the life of the roof for another 1 to 5 years. In any event, the owner should budget for a new roof by the end of this time period.

Water infiltration is a serious matter and repairs to the above deficiencies list needs immediate attention.