Bowen Island Steep Waterfront Lots

Bowen Island Ultra Steep Lot

What makes it special?

We recently inspected a waterfront property on Bowen Island, built on a steep lot. We could tell that this inspection would be a “Sherpa Grade” development. There was no access to the shoreline. A protective fence was at the top of the cliff. Access to the perimeter of the foundation was only from one side. Plus there was a two story crawl space, something we had not seen before.


What makes it a concern?

Anytime a building is built on a steep hillside, structural issues predominate the exterior inspection. Is the hillside moving? Is the foundation stressed? Are there active cracks in the foundation walls? Are the posts supporting the decks vertical or leaning? Are the footings for the posts secure or show signs of failure? 

What about the driveway? Will it be accessible during inclement weather? On those days that there is substantial snow or freezing rain, is there parking available at the top of the driveway?

What about the landscaping? Is there indication of ground movement? How about the tall trees, are they being affected?

Do Your Due Diligence

Anytime buyers are considering purchasing a home on a steep lot, there is a cold, sobering moment where they have to come to grips with their lifestyle and the limitations it may impose upon them.

Do you have children visiting the home. Mothers will be very uncomfortable leaving their kids unattended.

Do you or your guests have any physical limitations when walking up or down the steep driveway, with or without a load of groceries or other hand carried bags.

Are there adequate steps and guardrails around the property?

Stunning or Sliding?

In the final analysis you want to be sure that your home is built on a stable platform and not sliding into the water. Be sure to do your homework and employ a home inspection firm that can provide you with peace-of-mind.