Infra-red scan of in-floor heating during PDI

New Home Pre-delivery Inspection (or PDI) | Key Buyer FAQs

Abstract: North Shore Home Inspector notes on the purpose and implementation of a new home Pre-delivery Inspection (PDI) with these frequently asked questions (FAQ).

What is a Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI)?

When you buy a new house, you are trusting a builder to complete a house according to the standards and requirements that were agreed to when both parties signed the contract. However, no one can guarantee that nothing will be wrong or no mistakes were made. This is why the pre-delivery inspection (PDI) exists, to provide you with the assurance that everything is in ‘as new’ condition and functioning properly.

Why do a PDI?

For the builder, the purpose of a PDI is to take the buyer on a tour of the house to show them the features and explain to them how specific systems work. For the buyer, the purpose of the PDI is to make sure that the quality and finish is according to expectations, both contractual and aesthetic.

How is a PDI Performed?

The PDI is jointly conducted by the builder and the buyer, or their representatives. The buyer may also bring in a professional home inspector if they require support conducting the inspection. It is up to the buyer (and their inspector) to survey and test the new home for any issues and then make note of them.

Well established builders and developers will have a prepared list of elements to be checked during a PDI. However, smaller construction firms may not have any handout and will rely on an informal approach with note-taking during the PDI walk-through.

When is a PDI Done?

Ideally, a PDI should be conducted one or two weeks before the closing date. This provides the builder with enough time to complete any remaining work or fix any issues that were found during the PDI. In some cases, the builders may not be able to complete all the issues until after closing. In this case be sure to have completion dates attached to every item.

Do I Really Need a Pre-Delivery Inspection?

If you are purchasing a new build home, a house that has not been lived in before you, then you need a PDI. On a purchase of a resale home, a house that has had prior owners, you do not need a PDI. Rather a home inspection is recommended. The mortgage lender may also require an inspection before loan approval.