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Commercial Inspection | 10 Year Structural Warranty

Commercial Inspection, 10 Year Structural Warranty

In June 2018 we completed the 10 year structural warranty inspection for a 30 plus unit complex in Gibsons, on the Sunshine Coast. Our client was a most proactive property management firm. 

The inspection was conduced by two professional engineers. The purpose of the inspection was to determine if there was cause for submitting a claim on the structural elements of the complex. As engineers, we take this type of inspection most seriously as it is really the last chance to file a legitimate claim before expiration of the warranty. Warranties only have a life-span of 10 years.

Of primary concern is the sample size. For the inspection to be relevant, a statistically significant number of units had to be entered to view interior spaces. In this case, we were able to access almost one half of the units in the complex.

The inspection and subsequent report provided the property management firm with clear direction with respect to any issues that would be legitimate claims under the 10 year structural warranty. 

Most commercial clients are meticulous about warranty deadlines and are proactive to seek professional inspections before those milestone dates.  Warranties cover labour and material (1 year), major systems (2 year), building envelope (5 year) and structural (10 years). 

On the other hand, residential owners typically forget about their warranty coverage. Worse yet, many owners do no even know that they have warranty coverage! As a result, residential warranties tend to expire, even with significant issues that could have been corrected under warranty.

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