How Did We Do?

We strive for quality service and value for the dollars spent. Our clients have diverse needs, including: home inspection, lot evaluation, renovation support, construction management, property condition assessment or acting as owner’s representative.

In each case we deliver best practices based on decades of experience in the engineering and construction business.

The best and highest reward is when we receive return business or referrals. We have clients for whom we initially did a residential inspection and later came back to us for their commercial or business needs. Thanks so much for your vote of confidence!

Client Feedback

Brayden B of Calgary wrote on Feb 11, 2019…

Exceeded my expectations. Provided a detailed and clear home inspection report in a timely matter.

Kept me up to date throughout the entire process.

Coordinated and managed a number of additional inspections through his preferred network (wett, geo, elevator, air quality). Quick turn around and fair pricing for all coordinated services.

Would work with Eugene in future.

William L of Keats Island wrote on Dec 26, 2018…

I ‘met’ Eugene on the telephone and we agreed to have a coffee. I texted him to say I was on the ferry to Gibsons and he texted back that he was too. There ensued a conversation in the most convivial surroundings where I discovered a most competent, enthusiastic scrupulous professional whom I would trust implicitly.

I ended up having Eugene do a property assessment and he opened my eyes to the real cost of developing it. I then went shopping for other property and when my realtor fell ill, Eugene offered to accompany me, to “parts unknown to me,” with 20 minutes notice.

When we were done inspecting the 3 properties that my realtor selected, and we were headed to a right turn downhill to the ferry, Eugene directed me to the left, to look at “a little place he knew about that wasn’t listed.” Well I fell in love with this waterfront property instantly – in fact had promised myself I would own this very view from SOME vantage point nineteen years ago. And here it was.

I bought the place as quick as it could be done, after which Eugene confided to me he had been watching, and considering buying this place for three years. Now THAT’s giving of yourself in the name of service! Eugene helped me make a very important, and valuable business decision.

Needless to say I recommend him wholeheartedly.

BJ of Gibsons wrote on November 14, 2018…

Eugene was a great help with my son’s home inspection. Knowing my son was a first time home buyer he took the time to explain everything he was doing, gave his expert advice and answered any questions my son had.

Much appreciated Eugene…”Thank You!”

Jarmila P of West Vancouver wrote on August 12, 2018…

Eugene was my ‘Owner’s Representative’ during a condo renovation in West Vancouver. He was instrumental in getting the project started, knowledgeable, dependable, professional and always promptly responding to all my questions.

It was pleasure to work with him.

Robert G of Gibsons wrote on June 12, 2017…

Eugene was prompt and delivered!  He was professional and ready, willing and able to share his knowledge.  He did a thorough job of getting into nooks and crannies and give us a great picture of where the property stood. 

His insights were an important part of the decision-making process in our house purchase project.

Annie F of West Vancouver wrote on March 15, 2016…

We hired Eugene to do a home inspection of a property we purchased in West Vancouver. We needed the inspection for purchase and insurance purposes and we were more than pleased with the results.

Eugene is professional, friendly, efficient and made the whole process extremely easy. We received the inspection report within 24 hours of inspection completion, and Eugene even went above and beyond our expectations by confirming facts with the insurance company and coordinating with the realtor. Lastly, the report was excellent – it was extremely detailed, professionally presented, and easy to open and print online.

With Eugene’s professionalism, his high attention to detail, I would feel confident recommending him 100%.

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