We were extremely happy with Eugene’s inspection of our roof. When I initially asked when our roof could be inspected, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that he could do it almost immediately. That same day he inspected the roof from both, above and below, and explained to us where and what the issues were. In addition, he was extremely nice and provided us with great suggestions.
Tomasz K
August 15, 2018 Gibsons
Meticulous, methodical, Interested, passionate, knowleageble, and pleasant to deal with; in other words: a professional, thanks Eugene.
Paul-Andre B
August 10, 2018 Bowen Island
We got Eugene to come in and take a look at the cracks we had in our place. He took time to inspect the cracks and explain what might have caused the issue. He was friendly and professional. We appreciate his time and knowledge.
Golnar N
July 17, 2018 West Vancouver
We had an excellent experience with Eugene. He conducted a thorough inspection of all components of a unique property, provided a very detailed and easy to read report, and was available for discussion on any follow up questions. I would not hesitate to recommend his home inspection services.
Laura B
June 27, 2018 Keats Island
My wife and I recently had Eugene preform an inspection on a house we were considering purchasing. He was both thorough and informative and was able to pick up on several items we had missed when we walked through the house previously with the agent and owner. His expert knowledge, attention to detail and kind patience with us was appreciated and helped us immensely. Thank you Gene!
Shawn F
April 24, 2018 Vancouver
Eugene provided us with the most detailed inspection we have ever received.  With his background... we knew we were in good hands, we just didn't know how good.  Considering a home built in the 70's is no small decision, so we wanted to know exactly what we were getting into.  With a 55 page report... I think we're covered.  We even got a walk through in the home so that he could show us exactly what was found.  Eugene's inspection allowed us to make a confident, well informed/financially reasonable decision, and for that we thank him for his services.  His knowledge and level of professionalism are second-to-none.  Well worth it!
Sue K
April 23, 2018 Vancouver
I recently had the pleasure of meeting Eugene Kanciar of EKAN Project Inspection & Consulting when he inspected a cabin on the Sunshine Coast (Nelson Island) that I am in the process of purchasing. I was extremely impressed with his thorough approach and his familiarity with off the grid systems. He spent several hours inspecting the property and had a detailed and easy to understand report to me within the day. The information provided was clear and concise. Eugene’s professionalism, experience and attention to detail made the entire process much easier that I expected and I would recommend his services to anyone who requires an inspection of a recreational property. Definitely money well spent!
Mark O
March 16, 2018 Nelson Island
Charlie C, Gibsons Oct 19, 2017

Excellent attention to detail. We had Eugene preform a Pre-purchase inspection on a house we were considering purchasing – He picked up many little details we had overlooked on our visits, and provided valuable incite tailored to our specific planned use of the property. Also good Value!

Priya K, Gibsons June 13, 2017

My husband Nikhil and I got our home inspection done recently by Eugene/EKAN and appreciate him for he managed to take a look at every nook and corner of the house from within and outside and took notes and pictures of the same, at the same time explaining details in plain, simple language to us about all the concerns that required to be take care of. He did no take it long to submit a full fledged report of the home inspection that contained all the pictures and every little description he had noticed. Eugene does provide quick and reliable services and we highly recommend him for his diligency and efficiency.

Robert G, Gibsons June 12, 2017

Eugene was prompt and delivered!  He was professional and ready, willing and able to share his knowledge.  He did a thorough job of getting into nooks and crannies and give us a great picture of where the property stood.  His insights were an important part of the decision-making process in our house purchase project.

Daryl A, Gibsons Aug 13, 2016

I suspect that there are home inspections and then there are “home inspections”. EKAN Home & Property inspection checked our house for the 2-5-10 warranty checkup 24hrs ago and through a thorough, detailed 3hr inspection we were informed of several building envelope issues that need to be looked at further. Eugene Kanciar took the time to explain, in plain language, any issue he noticed, took a large amount of notes & photos and wrote up an extensive report with details, notes, photos about each part of the home inspection. The full report along with photos is now available to us online 24/7 which is a real bonus!

Sandra O, Vancouver May 31, 2016

Eugene was a pleasure to work with, performed a very thorough inspection and provided us with our report within 24 hours, and he even accommodated our request for a Saturday inspection so my husband could attend with him. Super knowledgeable and I would highly recommend EKAN.

Marilyn M, Gibsons BC May 7, 2016

We were very impressed with the professional service and would highly recommend Eugene. The report was state-of-the-art, clear, detailed and easily viewed. He diligently and patiently explained all the results. The information helped us to manage any issues by making well informed decisions. We are now better educated! We appreciated Eugene’s knowledge and his exemplary follow-up.

Annie F, West Vancouver March 15, 2016

We hired Eugene to do a home inspection of a property we purchased in West Vancouver. We needed the inspection for purchase and insurance purposes and we were more than pleased with the results. Eugene is professional, friendly, efficient and made the whole process extremely easy. We received the inspection report within 24 hours of inspection completion, and Eugene even went above and beyond our expectations by confirming facts with the insurance company and coordinating with the realtor. Lastly, the report was excellent – it was extremely detailed, professionally presented, and easy to open and print online. With Eugene’s professionalism, his high attention to detail, and his background as an electrical engineer I would feel confident recommending him 100%.