new home construction inspection required on new builds to make sure that the contractor has met all obligations per the contract and all systems are in good working order.

New Construction Home Inspections – Why Buyers Really Need It

New Construction or Pre-delivery Inspections

Using a home inspector during the pre-delivery inspection (PDI) of a new home with the contractor offers several benefits. The primary purpose of the PDI is to ensure that the construction is finished and that the house is ready for occupancy. In addition, we want to ensure that any unfinished work is not transferred through and applied to the new home warranty period. Here are some of the advantages:

Expert Assessment

Home inspectors are professionals with specialized knowledge and experience in evaluating the condition of a property. They can identify potential issues or defects that may not be apparent to an untrained eye. Their expertise ensures a thorough examination of the home, covering structural components, electrical systems, plumbing, HVAC systems, and more.


An independent home inspector is not emotionally or financially invested in the property, unlike the contractor. This impartiality allows them to provide an unbiased evaluation of the home’s condition. Their assessment can serve as an additional perspective to complement the contractor’s evaluation, ensuring a comprehensive inspection.

Detecting Problems

Home inspectors have a keen eye for identifying problems that may exist. They can uncover issues such as faulty wiring, insulation problems, water leaks, or structural deficiencies. By identifying these concerns early on, you can address them with the contractor before moving into the home.

Protection for Homebuyers

Hiring a home inspector protects homebuyers’ interests by providing an objective evaluation of the property’s condition. Inspectors can highlight deficiencies that may need to be rectified by the contractor, ensuring that you receive a quality-built home. This step can prevent potential disputes or costly repairs down the line, giving you peace of mind.

Negotiation and Resolution

If the home inspector discovers any significant issues during the inspection, you can use their findings as a basis for negotiation with the contractor. The inspection report can be shared with the contractor to address the identified concerns and request appropriate repairs or modifications before the final delivery. This allows for a more transparent and effective resolution process.

Education and Awareness

Home inspectors often provide valuable insights and recommendations to homeowners regarding maintenance and care for various systems and components in the house. They can educate you about potential issues that may arise in the future and how to prevent them. This knowledge empowers homeowners to make informed decisions about their property and promotes long-term durability.

Overall, involving a home inspector during the pre-delivery inspection of a new home offers a comprehensive evaluation, independent assessment, and protection for homebuyers. It ensures that the property meets the required standards, allowing you to address any concerns before moving in and ensuring a smoother transition into your new home.