5 Factors in Island Living | Keats Island

Abstract: Keats island Home Inspector notes on what it means to be a temporary or permanent island resident. It’s certainly not the same when there is no road connection to the mainland and services are limited. Are you prepared for the challenge of living here?

Carry-on Carry-off

Island living is all about being self contained as much as possible. For example, you carry all you provisions onto the ferry. Likewise, your garbage is carried onto the ferry and disposed off on the mainland. Island time is very much connected to the ferry schedule.

Off-island services means $$$

One of the biggest expenses that island property owners will encounter is when an off-island contractor or supplier has to be brought to the island to provide a service. If the material or equipment cannot be carried on-board the passengers-only ferry, then a private water taxi or barge has to be hired.

Obviously this can be very expensive. Alternatives should always be considered to minimize travel costs.

Say yes to hi-tech options

For example, this past week EKAN completed an inspection of a well built 15 year old residence. However the 40 gal electric water heater was at the end of its service life. The insurance company will typically require the buyer to replace this item.

Now here’s is an opportunity for the buyer to look at current options. In this case, a wall-mounted on-demand water heater can be used. It is a small and tankless unit. Since there is no tank, there is no hot water storage to maintain heated. Therefore you have a high efficiency appliance. Actually it’s perfect for a seasonal occupancy application.

Plus a tankless water heater is the size of carry-on luggage. So it can be brought to site with the passengers-only ferry.

Not a 1-for-1 replacement

Always consider new technology and high efficiency appliances to replace older units. It can be especially advantageous for island properties.

No more boat anchors

Of course you will still need to get rid of the old tank. It is no longer appropriate to turn it into a boat anchor. But even here there are options. Islanders usually have annual bulk garbage days. The community pays for a barge and everyone with an old sofa or appliance can bring their expired possessions to a central location for disposal.