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Local Knowledge Saves Buyers $ | Keats Island

Abstract: Keats Island Home Inspector notes on how local knowledge makes a big difference, especially when travel is restricted to walk-on ferry service or water taxi only. Travel time and costs have to be considered in the inspection fee.

Travel Time Significant Consideration

On a recent Keats Island home inspection, it was a cool and wet inspection day. One of the joys of visiting the islands for an inspection is the challenge of making good use of your travel time and travel budget.

From the client’s perspective, hiring a knowledgeable ‘local’ home inspector is crucial. Not only will the inspector have experience with the special case of seasonal use and recreational properties (discussed in other posts), but they will be familiar with basic knowledge such as ferry and water taxi schedules. A novice inspector, unfamiliar with island travel, can cost a client several hundreds of dollars needlessly in water taxi fees and travel time charges… in addition to the inspection fee.

From a buyer’s perspective, do your homework and find that local inspector that knows the area. Your wallet will appreciate it!