Gambier Island Home Inspection | Unique Design Features

Gambier Island has a considerable range of developments that fit the “vacation property” category. This post discusses 4 season vacation residences with unique features.

A four season designation is important as it differentiates the properties that are seasonal and must be freeze protected in the winter and shoulder season. Therefore the inspection is much more typical of a residential one on the mainland.

However with the larger footprint, owners tend to add “flare” and styling features to their recreational holding which is not typical or which might not be permitted in an urban location. Some of these features may include:

  • Unique roof lines
  • Glass walls
  • Expansive decks
  • Distinctive fireplaces
  • Multiple outbuildings
  • Landscaping retaining walls
  • Soaring ceilings
  • Railings, steps and staircases of unusual material
  • Abundant skylights
  • Stone walls
  • Exposed wooden columns and beams

All of the above elements require use of non-conventional construction techniques. As a result, materials-of-construction condition, building envelop sealing and occupant safety issues become ever so important.

At EKAN we take the extra time in these circumstances to ensure a thorough inspection. Where a residential inspection in a city can take two to three hours, for these properties, it typically requires four plus hours. Buyers should always choose a home inspection service that know what to expect and comes prepared for such a property.