Gibsons Commercial Inspection | ESA

A commercial inspection usually requires a number of specialists to be involved. In this post we discuss the importance of the environmental consultant’s participation.

The other day a client called for a commercial inspection in lower Gibsons. It was for a space in a multi-tenant building which had a history of various enterprises.

We always recommend and provide the option for a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) as part of the commercial inspection. An ESA includes a site inspection as well as a documentation review. Activities on the subject property as well as on neighbouring properties are considered, as well as prior historic works. The point of this assessment is to identify potential environmental liabilities such as soil contamination, buried oil storage tanks, lead, PCB’s or asbestos. The results may be critical for the client’s budget, financial lenders and insurance providers.

In a Phase 2 ESA, sampling and testing is undertaken to confirm any suspect issues.

In many cases the client is surprised that a ESA is recommended as part of the commercial inspection but once the nature of the work is explained, it becomes evident.

It’s all about risk management for the business owner. No business wants to pay for legacy issues from previous owners unless they are suitably accounted for within the purchase agreement.