North Van | What Money Can’t Buy

The other day EKAN was called out to do a North Vancouver condo inspection in the Lower Lonsdale area. The property was being maintained by the resident owners. Self-managed stratas have their pros and cons. This particular development was built in 1990.

The inspection confirmed that it was a positive example of a self-managed strata that showed attention to details in terms of the owners being on top of the building’s care and maintenance requirements.

When inspecting the common areas, I was escorted by one of the senior residents, with obvious pride of ownership. Truthfully I have never seen a cleaner mechanical room or electrical meter room. Even going through the top floor attic space to get to the flat roof hatch, it was carefully constructed for ease of access to clean-out the roof drains and gutters.

During the inspection of the owner’s area, the condo itself, I had another friendly resident come by and tell me that he lived above the sellers, what great neighbours they were and how sad he was to see them leave.

For the price of a condo, this buyer is also getting a passport into a community as a bonus.