Condo Inspection

North Shore | Condo Inspection Checklist

A home inspector discusses the usual suspect issues in a North Shore condo inspection. 

An EKAN strata inspection has two parts. The first part is the area of private property, or the interior of the condominium. The second part is an inspection of the common-owned areas. Thus the reference to layers (of ownership) in the word “strata’. Depending on the age of the development, condo inspections in North and West Vancouver have some predictability as to areas of concern. Here are “the usual suspects” of costly issues that may be encountered.

Interior Apartment Inspection:

  • Obsolete electrical panel
  • Overloaded electrical receptacles
  • Unauthorized renovations
  • Questionable in-suite laundry installation
  • Unsafe fireplace
  • Faulty hot water heating
  • Bathroom moisture damage
  • Stains on ceilings
  • Poor ventilation issues
  • Security deficiencies

Exterior Common Areas Inspection:

  • Roof needs replacement
  • Building envelope issues
  • Boiler and piping systems near end of life
  • Underground parking ventilation and structural concerns
  • Paved surfaces condition
  • Steps and walkway hazards
  • Balconies need rehabilitation
  • Security and alarm systems obsolete
  • Energy wasting windows creating uncomfortable drafts

EKAN Home Inspection recommends that a strata buyer never agree to an “interior only” strata inspection as the majority of future repair and replacement costs will be related to the common property areas.