Home Inspection Choices

Buyers or Pre-Purchase Inspections

Know before you buy.  The Buyer’s home  inspection reviews site influences, the condition of the building envelope, the structure, mechanical systems and interior factors that affect comfort and security.  The inspection report is essential, not optional, to ensure that the Buyer is receiving full value for their investment, as well as being made aware of the timeframe and resources needed to deal with the issues uncovered. Prior to making the commitment, the Buyer will know about:

  • major deficiencies
  • systems at end of their service life 
  • expected repairs
  • any health and safety concerns

1-2-5-10 Year Home Warranty Inspections


Home builders in BC provide new home warranties  with:

  • 1 year on labour and material defects
  • 2 years on mechanical and electrical systems
  • 5 years on the building envelope
  • 10 years on the structure

An owner may want to confirm that the building components are performing as required by using a home inspector at the above milestones. The inspection report will document any deficiencies in a “punch list” of items needing attention under the warranty.  It is important that this inspection be done at least six weeks before the anniversary date, in order that notification is received prior to the expiry.

Sellers or Pre-Listing Inspections


Be prepared. The Seller’s inspection will identify major known, unknown and ignored issues with the property. The Seller can choose to correct, ignore or receive estimates only. Advantages are significant:

  • be prepared, as the buyer may over-estimate the repairs 
  • no last minute surprises from the buyer’s inspection
  • it is to the Seller’s benefit to deal with any reported health and safety issues immediately
  • if defects are corrected or disclosed ahead of time, then it may be useful for the Agent’s effective marketing

Construction Inspections


When the owner hires an architect to design and contractors to build their new home, the owner can uses the services of an inspector to act as Owner’s Representative (OR). The OR attends to the details during the construction period including:

  • witnesses key milestones
  • ensures that the materials supplied are according to specifications
  • verifies the quality of construction
  • reviews progress payments
  • issues deficiency notices
  • follows-up on issues needing resolution

Pre-Delivery Inspections (PDI)


This inspection is conducted prior to occupancy. The home builder notifies the Buyer when their property is ready for the walk through inspection.  A prudent Buyer can request that a home inspector accompany them on the pre-delivery walk through. The Buyer cannot back out of the deal with the pre-delivery inspection; however, its proper use is to verify that the builder has satisfied all contractual conditions with respect to square footage, type of components, material finishes, sizing of systems and any agreed to extras. A “punch list” is produced with completion dates and signed-off by both parties.