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Lot Value

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Seasonal Dwellings – Not the same as an urban home

EKAN Home Inspection specializes in recreational property inspections. Cottages and cabins are seasonal dwellings and as such have distinct issues from their urban kin. Vacation properties may also be 4-season abodes but can suffer because of long periods of vacancy. We look for and inspect for all those special conditions that may affect your recreational property value

Uncommon Feature – More emphasis on self-reliance

 Whether you are dealing with a structure that has artistic expression or rustic charm, our cottage inspection service will provide a clear condition report. In addition to the standard components (roof, exterior, foundations, site, attics, plumbing, electrical, heating),  Also included are a review of specialized features such as water collection and storage, solar power system and waste management. 

Creative Spaces – Unique approach to issues

We deliver the information our clients need to make the right vacation property purchasing decision. The Sunshine Coast, Bowen Island, Keats Island, Gambier Island, Nelson Island and Passage Island have a variety of vacation properties. These properties are subject to a wide range of maintenance and construction creativity than any principle residence in a urban setting. Some are built to standards. Others have inherent issues due to unique workmanship and use of non-standard material.   

Hands On – Get ready for the learning curve

We support our clients by making them aware of issues specific to recreational properties, incuding: