West Vancouver Condo Inspection Expertise

A condominium in West Vancouver can easily cost as much as a single family home. Avoid entering into a condo real estate purchase without evaluating the entire financial risk of ownership. Never limit the inspection to the individual strata unit only, as the major costs are almost always associated with the common areas. In particular, older condos will have systems approaching the end of their service life. You need an expert on your side to provide an objective report.

EKAN Inspections has the expertise to investigate the condo purchase. Consider our qualifications.

  • Condominium owner in West Vancouver.
  • Strata board member for the last 15 years.
  • Experienced in understanding and reviewing common areas.
  • Value added services available on request: AGM and board meeting minutes review, property depreciation report review and engineer’s report review.

Choose your inspection service provider wisely.