West Van | When Don’t I Need an Inspection

A home inspector comments on when the service may not required or even useful. Rather, the buyers should focus on another aspect of the purchase.

Considering purhasing a 1960’s original condition condo in West Van? If so, think twice if you need to spend money on that condo inspection.

The interior will likely require a total demolition. Out with the old including; interior doors, appliances, floor finishes, lighting fixtures, popcorn ceiling, counters and cabinets. The electrical distribution will be inadequate. The plumbing will be marginal; you will probably require new plumbing including new lines for a future dishwasher, stacking washer and dryer. Exterior doors, windows and balconies cannot be touched since this is part of the strata’s responsibility and cannot be modified by individual owners.

Spend a lot of time going through the strata minutes. Your real estate agent should provide you with the needed documents information for your perusal. This is where the big ticket items will be discussed.

In summary, if it’s over 40 years old and in original condition, then a home inspection will have marginal benefit. Better to have contractors provide you with renovation costs and know what to expect for future expenditures for the common mechanical systems and common areas.

However there is a big red flag or caution here. If the strata does not have a depreciation report, is self managed or the strata minutes are suspect as incomplete, then by all means reduce your risk exposure and do consider hiring an experienced inspector to assist you in making a ‘buy, no-buy’ decision.