Langdale Home Inspection | Electrical Hazard

Danger! The buyer can touch the overhead service lines.

Langdale home inspection identified this electrical hazard. It must be dealt with immediately.

The mast and overhead electrical wires should never be accessible to pedestrians. In fact, BC Hydro requires a 3.5 meter or 12 foot clearance between say the ground level and the overhead service. But owners will always strive for deck space and view, in spite of overhead utility service lines. Here the second floor deck was extended right under the service drop.

A persons on the deck can easily reach up and touch the power line. Although the line may be insulated, there is always the situation of insulation becoming brittle over time. This can create micro-cracks that can then energize the surface under certain weather conditions. This is a very dangerous situation that requires immediate corrective action.

Sometimes their final constructed layout is just dangerous. In this particular case, the Electrical Contractor will have to relocate the overhead lines or the buyer must erect a guard barrier to prevent people on the deck from touching the overhead service lines.