Vancouver | Strata Duplex Reno Limits

Abstract: Vancouver Home Inspection notes on a seller’s inspection. The interior was renovated but the exterior was original.  Although the seller would like to do improvements to the exterior, they are at the mercy of the strata council, who are will not give their approval.

We completed a duplex home inspection on Yew Street in Vancouver. In this case the building was of late 1980`s vintage which had been totally gutted on the inside and redone to superior level of finish, with high end appliances. It really sparkled inside. So what`s not to like?

Since this is a strata, the outside structures, common areas and landscaping all come out of the strata budget. The outside needed attention – the roof, porch, gutters, paint, trim, caulking and landscaping. The owner who did the interior reno is now in a holding pattern for the strata to do the exterior updates, maintenance and repairs.

Remember to read and understand what upkeep is the strata’s responsibility. Then be aware of the strata’s timeline and budget. You may find yourself in a situation of “hurry up and wait” when you want to update the look of the building, while the majority of the strata are perfectly content to leave things as they are.

These are the challenges and limitations of strata property ownership.