West Vancouver Home Inspection, Gold Mine of Information

At this West Vancouver home inspection we encountered a feature that is worthy of tagging it as a ‘gold standard’, where the seller leaves behind something most useful to the buyer.

I always look for the original construction drawings during a home inpection. The most common location where those documents are found is in the crawl space, as in the photo above taken during a home inspection in West Vancouver. Construction drawings are most useful during renovations and additions to the building. As with the Dead Sea scolls, these ‘crawl space scrolls’ are degraded with age, show signs of fading, have suffered the ravages of moisture damage and have been used as housing for pests. Homeowners can do themselves a big favour by taking the paper rolls to a digital print shop and getting them scanned and saved to the cloud.

For a seller, making this effort and displaying the info at an open house or home inspection is certainly noteworthy.