Langdale Acreage Home Inspection | Unwelcome Tenants

Pest nest. Major damage to plastic parts and rubber hoses.

Sunshine Coast acreage inspection notes presence of pests in the garage. Unfortunately for the seller, serious damage was done to the engine compartment.

The Sunshine Coast has many acreages and properties in the regional district which encompasses  rural properties, rather than the urban setting found within town and city boundaries. This past winter has been unusually cold and snowy, at least by coastal standards. As a result, many property owners have found unwelcome guests in their shops, garages and vehicles left parked outside for extended periods of time… rodents. The perfect dwelling place for mice and rats seems to be the engine compartment of a vehicle. They chew on rubber lines, hard plastic, wiring insulation, tubing and hoses, heat shields.

On a recent acreage inspection, there were rodent signs (droppings) throughout the garage area. The inspection report had noted concerns about rodent infestation and the potential for health issues and physical damage to building components.

As as side note, I left a note for the homeowner to check his garage-parked vehicle for rodent damage. Sure enough, the sellers called back to thank me for the heads-up and told me the damage in the engine compartment was so extensive that the car had to be towed away and was going to be repaired under an insurance claim.

A call to the local Ford dealer’s service department revealed that they also were at an all-time high in repairing rodent damage to client vehicles. Their recommendation was to use mint oil diluted in water, sprayed over the entire engine compartment. My local mechanic had another product for sale at his shop, a red flashing LED, installed in the engine compartment. How effective these measure are I leave to the reader to decide. Regardless of product efficacy, it’s worthwhile to always be checking your home’s less traveled areas for unwelcomed visitors.

Mickey and Minnie and family Mouse have no place in your home. Always take counter-measures immediately when ‘trace elements’ are found. The alternative is health and property damage, most likely coming with an expensive price tag or time consumming to repair.