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Essential Flashlight

The Essential Flashlight

This post discusses one of the most useful tools anyone can have In the inspection business, the humble flashlight. Any homeowner can take advantage of our experience to have a great flashlight for home, business and outdoor use.

Superior lighting in an inspector's hand is vital for spotting faults, surface deformations and exposing dark corners or crevices. Natural lighting of interior spaces typically does not have sufficient lumens ( abbreviated as 'lm') to highlight defects. The higher the lumens then the brighter will be the output of the flashlight to the human eye. The latest versions of high output LED flashlights are simply in a league of their own, compared to what was available to only a decade ago.

LED is really efficient!

LED 15% more efficient than fluorescent lamps
LED 80% more efficient than filament lamps
LED 90% more efficient than halogen lamps

How much brighter is LED?

All that LED efficiency translates into brightness. For example let’s say we have an old school 60 watt filament lamp. The equivalent brightness in a LED would need only¬† 20% of the filament’s 60 watts or 12 watts.

Now 12 watts is 1/5 of the filament lamp’s power. So if the LED was manufactured to use 60 watts of power, then its illumination would be 5 times that of the filament lamp. All for equal energy cost!

960 lumens flashlights in our toolbox...

We went through a lot of flashlights until we found our perfect ‘go to’ handheld and head-mounted lamps. These 960 lumen units are rugged, well built and loaded with cool features (multiple lumen levels, narrow and wide beam, strobe). As well, there are product options for either disposable or rechargeable batteries.

960 Lumens flashlight compared to...

300 lumens Hallways
500 lumens Living Room
700 lumens Kitchen