Preparing for a Home Inspection

Here’s a home inspection tip sheet for North Shore and Sunshine Coast sellers and their real estate agents. There are measures you can take to make your home inspector’s job easier and ensure having a positive outcome. Here’s the top 10 to-do list, in preparation for the home inspection.

  1. Clear out the clutter under the sinks, around the hot water tank, furnace and air conditioner.
  2. Make the crawl space hatch accessible. Remove the items in storage around or over the opening.
  3. Make the attic hatch accessible. Most of the time the hatch is in the master bedroom closet and clothes racks are directly below. Moving the clothing out of the way and laying it down on the bed is a great courtesy and much appreciated.
  4. Make the electrical panel accessible. If there are tools or shelving or a picture frame hiding it, then move it out of the way.
  5. Make sure all the lights are working. Replace any burnt out bulbs, including in the crawl space and garage.
  6. Inspectors are trained to look for signs of structural distress and water damage. Any unusual carpeting, window curtains, containers or planters that are located conspicuously to block viewing will always raise a red flag to the inspector as a home having “something to hide”. It will be uncovered in the course of an inspection so it’s better to just be up front about it.
  7. Make sure all the doors are unlocked.
  8. If you have the documentation, leave warranty cards, operating instructions, renovation permits and receipts for major repairs in a file folder on the kitchen counter.
  9. Have available instructions on how to shut off the alarm system in case of accidental trip.
  10. Make sure all utilities are turned on. For safety reasons the inspector will not turn on any service that has been off and the inspection report will be issued with those limitations that will leave the buyer uncertain as to the issues.

Finally, if you are still at the house when the inspector arrives, be welcoming and give the inspector a quick overview of the major renovations and repairs that you’ve done. Commenting on major known issues that have yet to be addressed leaves a favourable impression that the seller is keeping up with the maintenance, and by extension, has taken care of the home to the best of their abilities. Make sure your pets are securely contained if you intend to leave them at home. Then leave promptly.

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