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Pre-delivery Inspection | Smart Choice for any New House or Condo

A pre-delivery inspection should be performed prior to accepting the keys to a new house or condo. In this blog we discuss the process.

Here’s a tip for new condo buyers on the North Shore and Sunshine Coast.

Prior to settlement date on a new condo, there’s the walk-through inspection with the developer. Here’s why it’s important and what you need to know about the process.

Buyers who purchase a newly constructed condo from a developer have the opportunity to inspect their new home prior to settlement. The activity may be referred to as a pre-delivery or pre-occupancy inspection, owner’s walk-through or builder’s final inspection. This is your opportunity to satisfy yourself that the new home is as per the contractual agreement.

Why is this important? Many buyers assume that the developer’s warranty program will cover any items not initially discovered, and so, do not pay sufficient attention to this inspection. However your leverage to get corrections made after closing changes dramatically. Prior to closing, the developer is liable for all the fixes. After closing, any concerns go through a third party warranty provider with firm rules on how issues are to be handled. The developer is under much greater pressure to satisfy your needs promptly.

Here’s what to look for in the pre-delivery inspection. First, confirm that your new home complies with all the contractual terms related to square footage, materials of construction, finishes and features. Next, check for damages, incomplete or missing items. Finally, test and operate the doors, windows, taps, switches and appliances. Document all your observations on the developer’s inspection report. Take pictures. Make sure that each deficiency is assigned a completion date that is agreeable to you. Be sure to get a copy of the report prior to leaving.

With preparation, your inspection will be an informative experience. Consider hiring a professional property inspector to accompany you if are not familiar or uncomfortable with doing it yourself.