Home Warranty Inspection | Know Anniversary Dates

Home inspector tips on new home warranties and how they should be applied. It can be frustrating and expensive to have to deal with an issue that the warranty could have covered, had you only applied in time.

Here are the key points:

  • If your home is less than ten years old, then there will be warranty remaining.
  • Known as a 2-5-10 warranty, the coverage has
    • 2 years on materials and labour,
    • 5 years on the building envelope, and
    • 10 years on the structure.
  • The home warranty transfers with the property ownership. BC Housing maintains an on-line registry of warranty insurances for detached single family homes here .
  • If the house is owner-built or contractor-built for the contractor’s personal use, then there is no legislation requiring the owner or contractor to purchase warranty insurance. However warranty conditions still do apply. The owner or contractor have the responsibility to correct any defects rather than the warranty insurance provider.